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Operating Instructions and Reference

System Support:

System supports Chrome, Mac Safari and Firefox Mozilla. Please note Internet Explorer and Iphone may not work for everyone.

New Player Registration

As a new player registering to play in POH, please do the following:

  1. Go to “Welcome” button. On the drop down menu, click on Registration button
  2. Read and agree to the terms
  3. Fill in the Registration form. Please follow the format when indicated
  4. Select your skill level and provide a reference name if available.
  5. Click submit. A message “Thank you for your quick respond” indicates your registration is validated by the system.

Once registered, POH administrator will validate and activate your registration before you will be able to use the system.

Please contact Yann Courtel ( 514-910-6955, Jean Julien ( 514-246-5198 or George Tan ( 450-458-2816 for assistance

Update Personal Information

To update your personal information, log in with your email address and password . Once logged in, your name will appear above the Welcome button. Click on your name and your personal information page apears to allow you to edit or update your personal information. After update, click on "Save" button.

Main menu with the choice selections and sub choices (Where applicable)

Welcome includes “Home”, “Registration”, “Payment” and “Friends of POH” buttons

This is POH main page and the communication centre for POH providing current news and activities

To participate in the activities, registration is required for all new players (Please see New Player Registration above). Once registered, POH Administrator will process and validate the application. Once validated, you will be able to access the system with your email address and password and can edit or update your personal information.

You can pay your fee by selecting your method of payment. To pay online, click on “Online Payment” and follow PayPal secure payment instructions.

Friends of POH
Any past players, friends and family members can register their email address and receive news of interest from POH.

My Schedules
This is the activity centre for each player and is the function used to manage your playing schedule. This is your own personal page and requires you to log in with your email address and password. For the regular player, your entire season games schedule is shown. This is the page you go to if you will miss your game(s). Once you clicked the “Miss” button on the game(s) you will miss, a message “We will find you a spare” will show to confirm your action. For the spare, once a regular player clicks the “Miss” button, his position will populate into the eligible spares’ personal schedule (who are ranked similar). Your personal page shows three separate schedules: a personal schedule showing details of the game(s) you have applied and accepted for; a schedule showing all the games available for you to apply and a “Games I am available to play” schedule showing games you can request to play if there are no games available for you. Please note that games are on a first come first served basis and spares will be able to access current and next game.

Schedules includes “Current”, “Scores” and “Spares”

This is the POH schedule of the current season. Click on a team and sees the roster for that game (missing regular players and their replacements). Click on “View miss” to see both teams missing players and their replacements .

This page shows the scores for all the games in the current season.

This page shows the games’ missing regular player names and who replaced them. It is updated by the system when regular players click games they will miss and when spare players applied for the positions. There is a “Print” button that the Spare Collector can print out to assist in collecting spares money.

This is a view only page and allows all to see the teams, team representatives, team captains and the players of each team.

This is a view only page to show team standings. This is automatically updated when the Stats Administrator updates the scores of the games.

This is the POH Scoring Leaders. This shows goals, assists and penalty in minutes of each player. This is updated by the Stats administrator.
To sort a column, click the column heading name. Click again to sort the other way.

Each player logs in with his email address and password to access some of the functions such as “My Schedules”, Player account (Where applicable) and “Trading Post”. Once logged in, your name will appear above the “Welcome” button. Click on your name to edit or update your personal information. Click on Account to view billing information, your transactions and account status.

It is important to logout once you are finished with your activities.

Trading Post
This is a complimentary page. You can use the Trading Post to send messages or for personal commercial use. You can advertise items you wish to sell, trade, exchange, etc. Pictures can be loaded to market your products more effectively.

Enter with your email address and password to access. Please note that messages can be removed at the discretion of the Website Administrator.

This page includes all the links to website of interests including site sponsors, hockey and other associations.

This is the help section. It provides you with instructions and reference for some of the functions of this website.

Contact Us includes the “Website administrator” and “POH Contacts” buttons

Website administrator
Click this button for inquiries, issues, comments or to place advertising. The contact person is shown and a Window email link for your use.

Contact POH
Names and coordinates of POH current executive, different committees and their members.

Important Notes:

Your name-account and team are shown at the top left corner when you are “log” in
Click your name to update your personal profile. Click on account to view billing, transactions and account status